To Our Valued Clients and Associates,

This message is intended for all individual tax clients of Paresky Flitt and Company.  As you may be aware, on March 17, 2021, the filing and payment deadline for individual tax returns was extended to May 17.  Prior to March 17, the filing and payment deadline was April 15. Since the due date was not changed until fairly late in the filing season, many returns were processed under the old filing deadline.  If you had a federal and/or state balance due and had indicated you wanted the money to be auto debited from a checking account, those payments will still be made on the original payment due date of April 15 as that is how they were processed.  

If you had a refund or are making any balance due payments by check, there is no impact to you.  This only impacts those clients that elected to pay any balance due by auto debit from their bank account.  To see if this may impact you, please refer to the instruction letter you received with your tax return.  If it indicates the payment will be drafted from your account on April 15, then that is the date it will be processed.